Our very own Niharika (Nika) Puri has recently taken to SoundCloud with interviewer Gon Asla to discuss her trip in Ladakh, India.

She discusses the specifics of her work with women in Ladakh, how it felt to connect to her roots, acclimatising to the altitude of Ladakh, and how she feels about the challenges facing activists in modern India:

  • “While I’m in the UK I tend to forget that I have people who I have left behind in India – who are still trying to figure out how to make their lives better, how to make the society better.”
  • “It may sound very dreamy, it may sound overambitious. But what is the point if we are not able to dream, as activists? We have to hope for a better world, for a more beautiful world.”

Listen below for the full story – and check back with us as we will soon be publishing a photobook article of her trip to India.


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