Very few of us on the 16 days team have qualms about admitting that we are social media dinosaurs. Luckily, we also have some social media wizards on the team. So, on Tuesday, October 17th, the dinosaurs implored the wizards to impart their social media knowledge. Because, as we all know, the most efficient way to spread the word about our campaign is to cross over into the Facebook- and Twitter-sphere. By the time we all arrived to the classroom for a lesson in modern communication methods, we were all exhausted from long days at work. But nonetheless, we buckled down, we bought some snacks and were determined to teach and be taught the hallowed art of Facebooking and Twittering.

After a few hours, the Edinburgh chapter of the 16 days campaign had its own Twitter and Facebook accounts – and we all had our own personal Twitter accounts (as we were all mildly familiar enough with Facebook to at least have an account – even if we were dinosaurs at it). So now we can Tweet, Retweet, Like, Share, and Comment about the campaign to our hearts content. And believe me, we do.

As of writing this, we have grown to 143 likes on Facebook (131 in this week alone)! And all the Tweeting and posting on Facebook has gotten us over 200 website views in the last 2 days!

Please support our campaign by joining us in the conversation online. We now know how to follow and Retweet you as thanks!


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