Day 1: 16 Days Campaign Launch

Yesterday (November 25th, 2017) was officially the Launch of our 16 days of action against gender-based violence (GBV) Campaign! We were honoured to host a variety of inspirational speakers at the Edinburgh Sheriff Court. Our Launch speakers were Ruth McQuaid (Equality Lead, COPFS), Gordon McCreadie (National Lead for Domestic Abuse, Police Scotland), Thanos Karatzias (Director […]

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Progress report: Social media lessons

Very few of us on the 16 days team have qualms about admitting that we are social media dinosaurs. Luckily, we also have some social media wizards on the team. So, on Tuesday, October 17th, the dinosaurs implored the wizards to impart their social media knowledge. Because, as we all know, the most efficient way […]

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Progress report: July 27th planning meeting

On July 27th the 16 Days action plan committee (Nika, Nhabeela, Angela, and myself (Hannah)) held a meeting (at Sacro’s head office) to alert potential collaborators and partners to our intentions for 2017’s 16 days of activism between November and December. We were lucky enough to be joined by numerous influential organisations and institutions in […]

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